Available from spring 2023:


The origin of light – interpreted in a modern and sustainable way.

LIGHT.ONE is the light that goes back to the traditional and unadulterated requirements of a candle as a provider of brightness, warmth and comfort and corresponds to the understanding of a modern and conscious lifestyle through contemporary attributes. 100% compostability in home compost of packaging and shell, the use of vegetable wax from European harvest, the conscious renunciation of palm oil, kerosene, soy wax, as well as metal and aluminum for the shell are our contribution to your ecological awareness and our responsibility to protect nature and preserve natural resources. LIGHT.ONE is an innovative, original and durable light, with 100% biodegradable shell. Thus, the wax container can be composted without hesitation after burning down and thus integrates into the biological cycle without leaving any residues.

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Product advantages

•  7 hours burning time with a strong and bright flame
•  CO2-neutral burning
•  Earth Friendly
•  Incombustible and flame-retardant casing made of patented material
•  Conical shape for ideal air supply
•  Premium product made in Germany
•  The cover consists of recycled wood processed into cellulose and an additional, fire-resistant and 100% natural Lonatech sealant
•  100% no use of aluminum, plastic or bio-plastics
•  100% elimination of chemical ingredients in the manufacturing process
•  100% vegetable, renewable waxes (no palm oil, no kerosene, no soy) (current status: 90% rapeseed also EU harvest with 10% coconut wax)
•  Short and traceable transport routes